Rainy Days and Sundays

We don’t get very many rainy days here in Florida. Now, before you look at me like I’ve flipped my lid, note that I did not say we don’t get very many days with rain here. We do. Hardly a day goes by in the summer without it raining. On a typical summer day, we will have sunshine in the morning, clouds at midday, and then by sometime in the afternoon, the skies let loose with lightening all around, gusty winds, and blinding, driving, torrential rains. And then it’s over. The rain stops, the wind dies down, and the sun comes back out.

That’s not what I’m talking about. A “rainy day” is one of those days when you wake up to rain, have rain throughout the day, and when the sun goes back down, it’s still raining. On the rare occasions when we do get this kind of a rainy day, the rain usually has a name. Today has been one of those days, and the rain’s name is Debby. That name was assigned by the US National Hurricane Center yesterday evening when Debby reached tropical storm status.


I snapped this picture about an hour ago, and it has continued to rain since then. For those of you more accustomed to the metric scale, the other side of the gauge shows a reading of about 7 cm.

I don’t know how much we will end up with before this system moves out. The forecasts have been very inaccurate up to this point. In fact, based on last night’s forecast, I went to bed with the expectation of spending today gardening. That didn’t happen. Nonetheless, I’m still grateful. So far, we have been spared the really heavy rain, and we haven’t had any winds of consequence.

About the only gardening I’ve accomplished today was a little bit of tending to my fall garden’s starter tray. The tomato and pepper seedlings are big enough now to where I was able to select the strongest specimens and to clip out the rest. I always feel a twinge of guilt when I play God like that, but I know it’s for the best. So, with just a few scissors snips, I got that starter tray down to one plant per square. Pretty soon I will be moving them into individual pots to carry them through the next phase. They are getting a bit leggy now, so if it ever stops raining, I’ll start exposing them to more sunshine.

Just not today. Debby says otherwise.


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