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If I promise to miss you, will you go away?

I wish I could tell you how much rain Tropical Storm Debby dropped on the area before pulling away, but I can’t; she hasn’t left yet. Between squalls yesterday, I emptied the rain gauge shortly before it would have overflowed. The marks on the gauge go up to five inches, so it was a bit more than that. I emptied it again this evening, but it only had a bit over an inch then. Now, it looks like it could start pouring any minute. Rain chance overnight is at 70% and then 80% tomorrow. It looks like it should start to dry out on Thursday or Friday.


But I’m not complaining!! It has obviously caused me to curtail my gardening activities, but we have been bone dry this year until now, and this storm could have been a whole lot worse. Locations along Florida’s Gulf coast have had several times this amount of rain, leaving a number of areas flooded. I also remember the summer of 2004, when we had three full-fledged hurricanes (Charley, Frances, and Jeanne) come through here in a matter of six weeks! Even as I write this, western states such as Colorado are experiencing hot temperatures and devastating fires, and the northeast is melting from record heat coupled with humidity. So, all things considered, Debby has actually been a rather well-behaved guest, as tropical systems go. But she has overstayed her welcome. Truth be told, I’m just itching to get back out in my garden, that’s all.

Still, I did manage to do a couple things garden-wise today. The sun came out for a little while this afternoon between rain squalls, so I was able to expose my fall starter tray to a few rays. This is sorely needed, as several of the plants, tomatoes in particular, are getting quite leggy.


I also had time between rains to harvest some green beans. It’s not a huge harvest, but it’s enough to allow the two of us to have beans with a couple meals. You can see for yourself in the picture below. These are a combination of White Half Runner and Kentucky Wonder. With any luck, I should be able to pick another batch in about a week or so.


Well, here comes the rain again! Seriously. I’m not making this up.